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Book cover of the New Rules of Marketing and PR

The New Rules of Marketing and PR. #book I read

I felt my head nodding a lot as I read David Meerman Scott’s updated ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR” which has been on my reading list for a long time.

Updating a book of this nature can be tricky, especially in world of shifting sands and on occasion the updating feels like new case studies rather than a fundamental rethink.  In 2007 I can imagine it would have had a much bigger impact on my thinking.

The book is well laid out with stand alone chapters although I went through it from front to back.  In scanning a book of this nature you can easily miss one of the main attributes, which is his first hand experience of actually doing much of what he writes about.  I did pick up some handy tips and in some cases a nice way of branding something that most PR companies have been doing for a long time without a term for it – newsjacking.  This practice of jumping on to an emerging news topic with your own value add content is not new (although twitter does add an extra element) but I can see it popping up on lots more PR plans.

For the last few PR companies who are purely focused on publicity and the traditional media this book is an absolute must.  For those who are awash in social media and the evolving trends it’s a good reminder and a handy reference tool.


I agree with the author on the demise of interruption marketing but the impact of key influentials versus smaller groups as in Paul Adams book Grouped is up for debate.


Book cover of the New Rules of Marketing and PR

David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Although I see an almost daily demise in the newspaper industry there is still plenty of value in traditional media relations and the skill of gaining earned media.  The PR skills of negotiation, content creating, selling stories, influencing content creators are timeless and will continue to be in demand.  The key is understanding the trends and riding the wave.


The book is available on Amazon in printed form or audio.




You can also see Mr Meerman Scott in action being interviewed on YouTube.


Good to be aware of information days.

I am always amazed at the large amount of awareness days and weeks that pop up on the annual calendar. Some are established and have significant budget behind them while some appear very opportunistic. In general they are designed to create a focus point for national debate and in general use a combination of the different marketing disciplines from advertising, public relations, direct marketing and promotions. Surveys, case studies, events, awards, conferences, shows, debates, article placement, photo calls are all the regular fare as a week is a long time to fill. One of the things I have always found difficult is trying to avoid conflict with the other awareness days. Repak Recycling Week frequently clashed with Energy Awareness Week and Fire Safety Week. Trying to find a definitive list has always been a challenge as some appear to have short led cycles but more are annual. In light of this I have put together a list of the ones I know about. I am sure I have missed loads and will update as I go.

September and October are the busiest months.

National Awareness Days and Weeks











Leave a comment on any I have missed.